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Toy Blast’s BARKBOX toys explode at the Toy Blast booth

BARKBox Toys has exploded at the Toys Blast booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

The company is offering two new BARKboxes, one with a BARKbox figure and another with a Disney Toy Blast figure, for $19.99.

BARK3D Toys has also released its first new toy since last year’s BATTLEBOTS toys, a 3D printed LEGO Batman.

The figures come with stickers that say “Barkbox,” “3D printed Batman,” and “BARKBOX.”

It will retail for $24.99 on the company’s website.

Bark3D also is offering a second BARK2D toy for $12.99 with a sticker for each toy.

BATTLEbots toys will be available at Toy Blast starting April 9, but there will be limited quantities available.

Disney will be holding its own booth at the San Diego Convention Center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with limited quantities of BARKs and other Disney toys available to purchase.

The BARK Boxes are made of ABS plastic and are 3D-printed.

They feature a head, hands, legs, arms, and back.

The figure has an orange-colored face and a red-and-white headband.

BarkBox is also offering two BARK1D figures, with a figure with a black-and.white face, a figure of a black figure with red eyes, and a figure in a white costume with a red mouth.

They will retail at $24 for one, and $34 for two figures.

Disney Toy Blast is offering its first BARKBOT toy for just $14.99 in a limited quantity.

It comes with a face with a bright red eye, and three different parts.

It also comes with two different accessories, two stickers, a keychain, and an instruction manual.

Disney has not yet announced if BATTLEbots will be releasing BARKbusters or BARKbombs at Toy World.