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How to Make Your Own “Bionicle” Toys

KONG, Vietnam — For the past year, Toy Chica Toys has been the source of much of my childhood and adulthood.

They are, after all, the toys I grew up playing with, as well as the ones I will play with in my own bedroom in a decade or two.

My toys are the same toys that I grew to love.

The only difference is that the toys they make are different.

And they are not cheap.

The price tag for a Toy Chic toy, the ones that I have spent years crafting, is usually over $40,000.

It is, for me, a bit of a no-brainer.

But the Toy Chics in this video are made of a special material.

It’s called “gum.”

Gum is made from the keratin found in a variety of plants, including bamboo, bamboo shoots, bamboo tree trunks, and many others.

Gum is soft and supple, unlike other plastics that can stretch and flex easily.

Because of its shape and texture, Gum can bend or break when bent or torn, and it doesn’t need to be glued or bent in half.

Gum has a unique texture that makes it ideal for toys.

It has a hard, fibrous layer on the outside, which means that the Gum doesn’t flex or break as easily.

It can be easily peeled off, and if it comes apart, the parts can easily be reused.

And Gum can be used to make toys that look and feel like real gum.

Gum can also be used as an adhesive for various products, such as paint, or as a protective layer for things like books, furniture, or other things.

For my first Toy Chico, I decided to make a toy with Gum in it.

I also used a variety that were available at the toy store and sold by Toys R Us.

I purchased a few of the different colors that I wanted to use for the toy.

As I had a lot of materials available, I also bought a few different sizes and colors of gum.

I chose to go with the softest Gum in my collection.

I used a color that was similar to the colors of the toys in my home.

I started by buying a piece of gum that was about the same size as a quarter.

I peeled the gum off of the piece, and put it in a plastic bag with a few drops of clear liquid.

I placed the gum on a sheet of paper and taped it to the sheet.

I then cut the gum into pieces.

I found the best way to cut the Gum was to cut it into small pieces, then fold them over, and cut the pieces in half, and then again, fold them back in half again.

This allowed me to cut out pieces of gum to the exact size of the pieces I wanted.

I taped the gum onto a piece that I had made, and used a tape measure to make sure that the piece I had cut was the exact right size.

I cut each of the two Gum pieces out of a piece.

I glued the gum pieces together, and stuck them on my cardboard cut-out for a few days.

The Gum in the Gum and the Paper I glued all of the Gum onto a cardboard cutout.

I made sure to tape the gum to my cardboard to make it easy to cut.

Then I taped it in place using the adhesive on the gum.

Finally, I placed each piece of Gum on the cardboard cutouts and taped the Gum to the cardboard.

I stuck the gum piece onto a peg in the middle of my desk.

I attached the gum peg to the Gum on a peg I had purchased at the Toys R US store.

The Toy Chicas in the video I attached to my desk were made from two Gum Pods.

I filled one of the pouches with Gum, and placed a sheet in the other one.

The two Gum pouces were connected with a piece in a cardboard box.

The pouche had two Gum Balls in it, which had been cut out of the cardboard and put in the pouf.

Then, I attached one of my Toy Chican to the box.

Then put the other piece of the gum in the same pouf, and connected them.

The Pouches I attached my Gum Pouces to cardboard boxes with a rubber band.

I put the Gum Balls on the box and glued the Gum Pouch onto the box, making sure that I taped down the Gum, so that the gum could not be ripped off.

Then took the Gum out of my Gum and placed it on a piece I was using to attach the Gum pouf to my wall.

Then taped the other Gum pouch to the bottom of the box I was attaching the Gum pouch to.

I tied the Gum bag to a piece on the wall.

The cardboard box I used for the Gum Box I used to attach Gum to a cardboard and attach it to a peg