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How to create your own dragon toy from scratch

In the midst of a massive influx of new toys to children this holiday season, one company has created a toy that is almost totally child-friendly.

Toys for Tots is a Seattle-based company that sells the “Baby Dragon,” a toy designed by its founder, John Dabbs, which is a little dragon named “Dragon.”

The baby dragon is shaped like a little human, with the tail pointing up and two orange wings on each side of its head.

Dabbers company has been selling Dragon toys to schools and hospitals, and he has received thousands of positive reviews for the toys, which include things like a pacifier and a diaper bag.

But the company has not released any images of the baby dragon’s body, only photos of it in a baby’s diaper.

Dabbs told ABC News he’s not worried about the backlash, because he is using the baby’s photos as a “toy” for the public to share.

“There are a lot of people out there that don’t want to see this, and they don’t even know it exists,” he said.

Dabobs said he wanted to use photos of the little dragon to help teach children about human anatomy and how they are made.

“We want to help them understand the process of creating a human body and why it can be so complicated,” he explained.

“We want them to understand why they need to make sure that it is a healthy body.”

Dabbers baby dragon has received more than 50,000 “likes” on the company’s Facebook page, which shows the company is doing a good job.

“I think the best thing that can happen is to have a positive reaction from the public,” he told ABC.

“I think it can only be good.”

Toys For Tots sells a wide variety of baby dragon products, including the “Bump” and the “Coffee Monster.”

DabBS has created the baby “Dragon” so the company can use it as a source for other Dragon products.

Tots is now working with toy manufacturers to develop more toys to cater to parents, and Dabbes hopes to bring the Dragon to the mainstream.