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How to Make a Magical Beast of a Toy

This is the first in a series of articles on how to make your very own magical beast of a toy.

If you are looking for a specific toy to make or an easy toy to modify, please see the article on How to Turn a Toy into a Real Weapon.

Magnetic toys can be made by turning the toy inside out, or by inserting a magnet into the top of the toy, which can also be used to make a magnetized object like a magnet gun or a miniature sword.

If you want to make an electric sword, you can just plug a wire into a wire magnet and then turn the toy.

Magnetic toys come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for anything from building a sword, to making a sword or spear, to turning the toys into miniature fireworks or even turning them into a magical sword.

Magnetic objects have many uses.

They can be attached to objects like a clock, a phone, a car, a boat, a refrigerator, or even a car.

A magnetic object can be set in the center of a magnet, and you can attach magnets to different objects to turn the object into an object that is the center.

You can also attach magnets on a belt buckle or around a door or window to turn it into a door lock.

You may also want to use magnets to create an object such as a magnet table, an antique charm, or a necklace.

If a magnet is placed on a door, it will stop a burglar in their tracks.

Magnet weapons can also help protect against thieves, criminals, and others that want to steal your belongings.

Magnet guns can also work as a portable weapon that can be carried in your pocket or backpack.

You can make your own magnet toys using just a few simple ingredients:A magnetic pencil that is 1/8″ in diameter and 2.5″ long.

A magnet or other magnet rod.

A large magnet or something like that, like a bar magnet.

A piece of tape.

You might need to cut off pieces of tape to make the magnetic object stick.

You could also use a small piece of metal or plastic that will stick to the magnetic rod, but that will be less durable.

MagneSci® has a range of magnetic toys that can help protect your possessions and help you make safer choices with your life.