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‘Rabbit Sex Toy’ is a sex toy for rabbits

The latest rabbit sex toys from New Scientist have been revealed by a rabbit sex expert.

The company’s new Rabbit Sex Toy features a soft silicone base with a rabbit fur covering and a plush rabbit head.

The toy features a special rabbit sex organ and an extra long, flexible tail that can be wrapped around the rabbit for more playtime.

The rabbit sex tool comes in two sizes: a mini size and a larger size, which is ideal for toys for rabbits as young as three months.

It comes in a variety of colours, including a pink, blue, purple, green and yellow rabbit sex wand, and a rabbit toy that looks like a tiny rubber rabbit, with a removable rubber tail.

The sex toy was inspired by the toy made for a rabbit that was featured in the UK’s Channel 4 programme Rabbit World, which aired in April last year.

The bunny sex toy is also a very popular item in online shopping, with New Scientist finding that a rabbit has been purchased for $30,000 on Amazon in the past three weeks alone.

In addition to its soft silicone toy, the rabbit sex robot comes with a built-in speaker, so that you can make out the rabbit talking.

It also comes with rabbit ears, so you can use them to talk to the rabbit.

“Rabbits have very sensitive ears, they can hear things that we can’t,” said Dr Helen Hickey from the University of Melbourne.

“So, if we’re talking to them we can hear them and they can even talk back to us.”

Dr Hickey said that when it comes to sex toys, the majority of people prefer the toys made for rabbits.

“They’re a lot easier to control, they’re less likely to make mistakes,” she said.

“A lot of people have a preference for the rabbit toy over the regular toy.”

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