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Why are you still buying toys made from Frozen?

Disney has decided to stop making Frozen dolls, and the new dolls are not made in a way that can be used in the company’s existing line of toys. 

The Frozen dolls will now only be made from toys made by Lego, which has an enormous following around the world. 

Disney will stop making the dolls, in part, because of Lego’s production of Frozen toys, which was criticised in the past for the high costs involved in making them. 

In the past, Frozen dolls had been made from plastic, which is made from the same materials as the originals. 

But that plastic is cheaper than the metal used in Lego’s dolls, which can cost upwards of $150,000. 

There was also concern about how Frozen dolls would affect Lego’s toy market, which in recent years has seen the popularity of the Lego Batman, Marvel and Star Wars line. 

Frozen dolls are also much cheaper to make, which means they are cheaper to sell. 

However, it’s not just Lego that is struggling to get the Frozen doll line off the ground. 

Toy maker Pop-Toys, which also makes the original Frozen dolls made by Disney, also has a large following in the toy world, which meant that they were likely to be popular with toy collectors. 

Despite these challenges, the Disney-branded Frozen dolls have already sold millions of toys around the globe. 

This year, Pop-toys said that it expects to sell about $400 million worth of Frozen dolls in 2017. 

For Lego, it is unclear how much profit will come from Frozen dolls. 

According to its latest quarterly results, Lego has generated about $1.3 billion in revenue in 2016, and a further $1 billion in 2017, and the company said that there were around 1.3 million Lego units on the market. 

Although there is some speculation that Lego might be selling off Frozen dolls as part of its strategy to diversify, it could still do well in the long run. 

“We have a huge brand and it’s been a huge success for Lego,” said Andrew Goss, a director at toy manufacturer Hasbro. 

“[The] Frozen dolls were a big hit and it is very exciting to see this continue to grow.” 

“There is so much interest in these dolls, so it is important that we keep it alive,” he said. 

While it’s difficult to see what a big market Frozen doll will attract, Lego says that the dolls will be in demand for more than just children.

“The Frozen doll is so popular and it will definitely have a long life.”

I’m sure that there are a lot of people who will want one, and there are some that have been buying a Frozen doll for more time than we have had,” Lego said.”

As we look at the future, I can only hope that the doll is still around for a long time.” 

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