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What to look for in the upcoming Fidget Toys Star Wars trilogy

With the next installment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens just around the corner, Fidget Toy enthusiasts are getting ready to get their hands on some of the coolest toys around.

First up is the Star Wars Fidget Cube, a cube that will play with all of your favorite Fidget toys.

The Cube is the result of a collaboration between FidgetToy and Toybox, which will allow anyone to make a lightsaber-themed toy for the Force.

There are two different versions of the FidgetCube available, one for $9.99 and the other for $19.99.

The cube is made from plastic that will hold up to five lightsabers, which is the same size as a BB-8 droid.

The Fidget cube can also be used to play with the new lightsaber in the Star War: The Old Republic game.

The second version of the cube, the Starfighter Cube, comes with a lightsaber and comes with an assortment of toys, including the Force and Force powers, to help you get started. 

Fidget Toy and ToyBox will be accepting preorders for the Star Destroyer Fidget toy, which features an assortment or accessories for playing with your lightsaber.

The Star Destroyer Cube is available for $39.99 from the ToyBox store and will be available on December 17th.