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Which country is the coolest country? – CBS News

NEW YORK — The world’s coolest country is now America, according to a survey.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a respected international research group, released the ranking on Tuesday, citing a poll of more than 2,000 people.

Americans scored the highest in terms of “access to culture, entertainment and sports,” the magazine said, while they ranked lowest in terms like “education, health and personal freedoms.”

The country with the biggest advantage was the U.K., which scored the lowest among the 35 countries included in the survey.

Other countries with big advantages were Japan and India.

Among the findings of the poll:Americans were the world’s most likely to choose a country with a big, thriving economy as their “world-class” destination.

Only a quarter of those polled said they would choose a small country with limited natural resources. 

The survey also found that Americans’ perceptions of their own countries have worsened.

In 2010, Americans were more likely to say they were “somewhat proud” of the United States than “slightly proud” and “very proud.”

The poll found that this was unchanged from 2012, when only 31% of Americans said they were somewhat proud of the U, and 31% said they somewhat or strongly felt the same way.

More Americans now say that their country is more important to them than the United Kingdom, with 35% saying that, compared with 22% in 2012.

This is the first time the U has topped the Economist Intelligence Group’s “World’s Coolest Countries” list since the group started compiling it in 1997.

The top spot has been held by the United Arab Emirates for 11 consecutive years, and Singapore, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand have all held it for at least a decade.