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How to dress up as a Disney Princess to make a difference

If you want to dress like Princess Tiana, you need to learn how to draw, sculpt and make your own Disney Princess figurines, which will be auctioned off online in a bid to raise money for the UK’s Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

The dolls will be sold for around £25,000 each and will be given away to the charity by Toys for Tots, which is supporting the campaign.

The £25m will be split among charities in the UK and abroad.

Toys for Tottos founder and chief executive David Tompkins said: “Disney princesses and Disney toys are a universal, wonderful part of our children’s lives.”

As we continue to celebrate the magic of childhood, the Princess Collection continues to be the perfect way to raise funds for the Children’s Health Fund and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“The dolls are being auctioned by the UK-based company, with proceeds going to the Royal Family.

The Princess Collection is available for pre-order now at Amazon.co.uk and at a limited number of outlets, including online.

The auction will run until 25 September at 11:59pm BST.

Tompkins added: “We want to inspire people to think about how they can help our children.”

It’s not just about selling toys and making money.

It’s about giving back to the communities we serve.”

Our goal is to raise £25 million so we can fund a lot of important projects like the Royal Childs’ Hospital and Children’s Diabetes Research.

“To help with the campaign, Tompkin said he was working with a UK charity to create a video and a series of toys designed to inspire the young children to think differently and be active.

He added:”If we can get them to think and act differently we can make a big difference in the lives of these kids.”

Tompkin is hoping to raise around £500,000 in the five years the dolls are on sale.

For more information visit www.toysfortots.org.uk or follow the campaign on Twitter @ToysForTots.