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Which toys are the most popular in Australia?

There’s an iron man toy store in Queensland, and a lightning McQueen toy store across the country.

The Australian toy industry is booming in a country that needs it, with sales of toys up by 25 per cent in 2016 and a rise in sales of digital toys.

But the rise in digital sales has put pressure on toys retailers, particularly in the first half of this year.

A spokesman for Toys Australia said digital toys were being “distributed more thinly across the market” compared with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, and that retailers were increasingly concerned about losing the lucrative digital sales.

“We’re seeing a shift towards digital sales which are coming from the retailers themselves, rather than just through distribution to customers,” he said.

“It’s also more thinly spread.

We’ve seen some really large retailers, like the Gap, go digital only, and it’s a risk to their business.”

A spokeswoman for toy company Toys Australia told news.com.au digital sales were a key driver of growth in the toy industry in the past two years.

“As more retailers are adopting digital, so too are the sales of physical toys,” she said.

The biggest change in sales, however, has been to digital toys from brick- and-mortars, with digital sales up by 24 per cent last year.

“Digital sales have doubled since the start of 2017 and this is really the tipping point,” said Todd Gifford, chief executive officer of toy manufacturer Big Toy.

“The more digital sales, the more toys we sell.”

“It shows that consumers are buying online, they are buying toys from third-party sellers, they’re buying toys that they don’t normally buy from retail,” he told news:com.ai.

Gifford said online sales were still growing but there was a “huge opportunity” in the future for retailers to grow their digital sales as well.

“I think we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of retailers that have opened up their own stores and their own digital platforms, so we’re really excited about that,” he added.

“You have more retailers that are doing it, so you’ve got a big opportunity for the retailers to expand their business and expand their digital footprint and the more retailers they’re opening up the bigger the opportunity for them.”