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How to get a fire truck to fire toy

TURKEY’S first fully-automated, fully-equipped fire truck is set to begin testing at the Turkish Army’s headquarters in Ankara on Saturday.

The Turkish army is currently testing fire trucks with the latest fire control system, and a full-scale mockup is being built, according to a statement by the military on Saturday evening.

The T-100, a light armoured vehicle built to withstand the harsh conditions of combat, is one of the military’s first fully automated fire trucks.

It will be used to carry out airstrikes, but it has the potential to be deployed on the battlefield itself.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the T-200 will have the capability to carry 10 soldiers and be equipped with fire control systems.

The country is preparing for its first large-scale offensive against ISIS in 2018, as part of its counter-terrorism operation.