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Frozen 2 toys to be rebranded for kids

2 children’s toys to get new look and feel.

The toys to go with Frozen 2:Teddy Bear and the Little Mermaid Frozen 2 toyline, for example, will now be called Frozen 2 Frozen Toys.

This comes after Frozen toys had been rebranded from Disney for more than a decade, and are now a part of Disney’s family of Frozen toys.

Disney will also launch a new line of Frozen accessories, which will include Frozen 2 Disney Frozen Hats and a Frozen 2 Princess and the Frog Frozen 2 Doll.

The Frozen 2 brand will be available at Walmart stores worldwide and through the Disney Shop on November 6.

The company has not said when Frozen 2 will be officially launched.