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When toys transform into superheroes, it’s all part of the Marvel movie’s “Disney universe”

The movie, “Thor: The Dark World,” is coming to theaters on May 3, 2019.

The trailer has revealed the cast of characters who will be playing the role of the Thor.

In the trailer, we get to see a number of Thor toys in action, including one of the Asgardian soldiers who we saw in the trailer last month.

In addition to Thor, the other toys in the movie are called the Thunderbolts, Thor’s signature hammer, the Scepter, and a giant hammer.

The toys will be voiced by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth.

The first of the three Thunderbolt toys will play the role as an “invisible” weapon that’s used to fight the Thor’s army.

It will also be an ally of Thor, so the Thor-shaped toys will also make a cameo appearance in the film.

The second toy is called the Red Skull.

It is an armored giant that will fight alongside the Thors army in battle.

The third Thunderboltor is a huge hammer that will be used by the Thor himself.

In this case, the hammer will be a giant red, orange and yellow hammer.

In the trailer for “Thor,” Thor and his Thunderbolted army are seen battling a huge, powerful and monstrous creature called The Red Skull, which is the evil head of The Asgardians.

The Red Skins head is said to be bigger than the rest of the other Asgardians heads, so it is believed that it will have a much larger reach.

The second “Thor” movie trailer shows us a glimpse of the Red Skillet, which can be used as an invisible weapon that will destroy Thor’s enemies.

In “Thor 3,” it will be revealed that The Red Slivers head is bigger than Thor’s head.

The red, blue and yellow pieces can also be used to help the Thunder Bolts fight.

The Red Skull also makes an appearance in “Thor 4,” where it will fight with Thor’s giant hammer, which has an energy shield surrounding it.

When the Red Sliver gets in Thor’s way, it throws a massive hammer.

The Thunderbolters will be the first of three giant hammer-wielding Thor characters that are featured in the upcoming movie.

The other two are giant fire-breathing giants called the Wreckers, and the Iron Man-like Red Skull (named after a villain from the comic book “Captain America” and also the villain from Marvel Comics).

These characters have also been featured in previous films such as “Thor”, “Thor 2”, and “Thor.”