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How to make your own plastic toy with these simple steps

What if you could build your own toy in minutes?

That’s the dream of a company called Cocoelon Toys, which recently announced its first consumer-scale toy, a toy with a fully functioning camera.

And you can build your very own plastic robot from a handful of parts, all with no tools or expensive parts.

The company’s founder, Peter Córdova, told Mashable that his company was born out of frustration when he couldn’t find a toy that looked and worked the way he wanted.

“We were frustrated that we didn’t have a real toy that we could build and play with,” he said.

You could use it to capture images, and then it could act like a real camera and capture a video of what you were doing.” “

But the thing was that it had a camera, which was amazing.

You could use it to capture images, and then it could act like a real camera and capture a video of what you were doing.”

Cocoelontoys first toy was a camera with a 3D camera.

Now, the company has added a 4D camera and a 3-D printer.

It’s called the Cocoelón Mini, and it has the same camera as the original Cocoelone but it has two additional cameras.

It can take photos and video and do other things.

Cocoeloni toys also have the ability to make and sell “toys,” which are things you can make out of plastic, metal, or other things to interact with.

But Cocoelons newest toy is not just a camera.

It has a 3.4-foot long, 360-degree camera, a camera that’s about the size of a smartphone and it can take pictures, and can make videos.

The video is on YouTube.

You can watch the Cocoallon Mini’s video on YouTube below: The camera can take 3D photos of objects and create 3D-animated 3D models of them.

Cocoallons video above: This video is part of a YouTube series that explores 3D modeling.

It was created by a group of people called the Cóndovas Design Lab, who created the videos with a “3D modeler” who is a member of the design group.

“The idea is to show that you can actually do something in 3D, that’s why we have the camera, to show how it can be used,” Códova said.

The Cocoallón Mini is also designed to act like your camera.

You attach it to your smartphone with a small plastic bracket, which is then attached to the Cocoallaon Mini and you attach the Cocoalloons camera to it.

You have a small camera that can record videos and you have a camera to capture 3D pictures.

It also has a microcontroller inside the camera that controls the camera and the 3D model.

The microcontroller can then do some things like change the image and move the model.

There’s also a built-in 3D printer that can print the model, Códson said.

You don’t have to buy a 3d printer.

You just print it out.

The camera and 3D printers are being made in a lab in Puerto Rico.

It takes about four weeks for a prototype to go from concept to product.

It cost about $4,000 to make the CocoAllon Mini, which means Cocoallontoys is a very small company with a very large team.

The team consists of a handful or maybe a few dozen people, all of whom are making Cocoalloni toys.

The most talented and talented of the group are working together to create the Cocoalls first consumer product.

You will have to invest money for the CocoALLON Mini.

You’ll have to pay $1,000 for it.

If you want it, you can get it for $4.95.

If, on the other hand, you want to get the CocoLons camera, you’ll have a couple of weeks to wait before it will arrive.

CocoALLons first product will be available to buy in the United States at the end of March, and a limited number of CocoALLoni toys will be sold at the event.

The price of the CocoLLoni toys is $99.95, which will be $50 off the retail price.

If it’s your first time shopping at a toy store, the CocoELLoni toy is a $129.95 toy.

It features a camera and has a little camera on the top that lets you see what’s going on.

The $100 price tag is a bit steep, but if you have friends or family members who are into the same toy as you, this could be a great deal.

CocoLLone Toys has been around since 2009, and CocoALLon products have been on display at the Toy Fair, Disney World, and the Disney Store since 2016.

But now, CocoLLontoys