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How to get a Pokémon toy from McDonalds

A McDonalds toy has been sold for $1.2 million at auction, according to The Sun.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the largest video games in the world, with over 3.3 billion registered players.

The card game, released in 2008, has become a popular holiday gift for children.

It’s also become a hot topic of discussion online.

A McDonald’s toy, called the Pokémon Trading Cards, sold for the asking price of $1,222,500 on Monday.

The auction took place on Monday, February 11, at the Queensland Museum of Art.

A McDonalds spokesman said: “The trading cards are now on display at our Queensland Museum, where they will remain until April 15, 2020, when they will be removed to a museum facility.”

The trading card is currently a part of our collection and can be viewed at any McDonalds in Queensland.

“McDonalds Australia general manager Mike Gorman said: “This is a great way to celebrate a fantastic anniversary with a McDonalds product, and is sure to spark interest for future generations.

“This particular card is a part that was previously sold by McDonalds and was recently acquired by another private collector.”

McDonald’s Toys has a long history of giving back to Queensland, including the development of McDonalds Parkland and the creation of the Queensland City Park.

“As part of this celebration, we are providing an opportunity for the public to purchase one of our trading cards for just $1 million.”

It is our goal to make this one of a kind item available to Queenslanders, who can enjoy the nostalgia of trading cards with their friends.