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Michael Vick ‘loves’ the ‘mice toys’

NFL players are using “mice toy” products to celebrate Michael Vick’s comeback and the return of the Cleveland Browns.

The latest on Michael Vick and the comeback of the Browns (all times local):12:25 p.m.

Michael Vick says he enjoys “mices toy” celebrations.

The Browns QB said the celebrations were “funny” and said he’s “really enjoying” the team’s return to the playoffs.ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Vick is also wearing a “mics toy” jersey that reads “I love” in the team logo.12:15 p.t.

Vick says “Mice toy celebration” was fun but “not as big” as “Mock Game”11:30 a.m.: Vick says his team has “got a lot of good memories” in Cleveland.

He says the team is looking forward to the rematch of last year’s game and says that they have “got to be better in the playoffs.”11:20 a.p.m: Vick says, “I’m happy with the results we’ve had so far” and he’s proud of how his team was able to overcome adversity.

Vick said he thinks “we’re going to come back and be a great team and we’re going out there and get some good plays.”10:40 a.t.: Vick told reporters he’s excited about the team and the future.

He said that he’s going to “keep playing” and the Browns are “going to get some great plays.”

He said the team will be “playing hard” in its upcoming home game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.10:25 a.h.: The Browns announced that quarterback Johnny Manziel has been suspended for the next two games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Manziel will be eligible to return to action on Sunday against the New England Patriots.10 a.i.: Michael Vick, who is recovering from neck surgery, says he feels like he’s finally back.

“I feel like I’m back, I feel like the whole team feels like I was back, it feels like it was a real good feeling,” Vick said.

“I think this team is really ready to get back out there, to be ready to go.”9:30 p.i.

The NFL announced that the Browns have signed quarterback Cody Kessler to a three-year contract extension.

Kessler will be paid $8.75 million in 2017, $8 million in 2018 and $9.25 million in 2019.9:20 p.p: Browns wide receiver Chris Ogbonnaya said in a statement that he is “excited to be able to play for a team that has such a big legacy.”

The team has been active in promoting Kessler’s return and will continue to do so as it prepares for the postseason.9 p.a.m.-9 p.”m.: The NFL’s website lists Kessler as out of the lineup for Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh due to “unforeseeable injuries.”9 p”m.: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the NFL is aware of the injuries suffered by players from Sunday’s playoff game between the Cleveland Indians and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“We are aware of those injuries,” Goodell said.

“We will work with teams to determine how they are able to resume play.

The injuries are not life threatening and we are working closely with them as we work through this.10 p.b.m.”

Goodell said in an interview with NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access” that the “lack of a clear path forward” has left the NFL’s players “not in the best position” to address the issue.

“There’s no doubt there’s a real concern that this is the case, but we’re not getting anywhere,” Goodell told the network.

“The league is working with the teams, trying to find a path forward.

We’re trying to make sure we can continue to support our players.”10 p”b.”m: Goodell told reporters that he had not spoken with quarterback Johnny Football since Monday’s game, when he said he had a “significant neck injury.”

Goodell said he was “in pain and exhausted” and that he “didn’t want to play.”

Goodells team is currently preparing for a Sunday matchup against the Miami Dolphins, the same team that lost quarterback Matt Moore to an Achilles injury.10″b”m: In an interview on the NFL Network, Browns general manager Ray Farmer said that Farmer told him that “Johnny Football is going to have a chance” to play.

Farmer said he “wasn’t sure” about whether Manziel could play Sunday, but Farmer said Manziel would be eligible for the playoffs and Farmer would be able “to go forward and be the person to lead that effort.”10 a”m.

The Cleveland Browns have announced that linebacker Justin Durant has been placed on season-ending injured reserve.

Durant was the Browns’ third-leading tackler last season and was a three-,