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Toys are the new dirt bikes

There’s nothing more important to a kid than their toys, and it’s no surprise that kids spend an average of $100 a year on toys, according to the National Retail Federation.

It’s why so many kids buy and play with a whole lot of different toys.

But a new survey from Consumer Reports found that more than half of children now buy more than a few toys.

Some of these toys are often more than they need, and some are designed for a specific purpose, such as the toy boat or the toy truck.

For some kids, however, the toys they buy have more potential for a lifetime of fun than for a single use.

That’s what toy dirt bikes and toy trucks are for.

They’re the new toy dirt bike.

The new toy for the dirt bike This week, Consumer Reports surveyed more than 1,400 children ages 4 to 11 in grades 3 through 12 to find out if they’re currently using their favorite toys.

This was the first time we’ve asked this question, and the results are pretty interesting.

The survey showed that more kids are buying dirt bikes (36 percent) than trucks (18 percent) and cars (17 percent).

The majority of kids have purchased a dirt bike or a truck in the past year, though that number has declined slightly.

But it doesn’t look like kids are completely off the hook.

For instance, the survey found that 26 percent of children who said they were currently using a dirt motorcycle said they have purchased one in the previous year.

So even though they’re not getting rid of the dirt bikes or trucks, they’re making sure to take advantage of the new toys.

The bottom line?

These toys can make a big difference for a child.

A dirt bike can be the best vehicle for a toddler to explore a park, for example, and there’s no better way to get to and from a school than a dirtbike.

It can also provide some of the most fun things for a kid to play with, whether it’s a toy truck, a car, a toy boat, or a dirt bicycle.

So if you want to get your kids to explore the park, buy a dirt motorbike, a dirt dirt bike, or even a dirt truck.

And, for the kids who are already playing with these toys, there are lots of other ways to make the trip, too.

If you have questions about buying new toys or how to get kids to spend more time outdoors, call Consumer Reports at 1-800-426-4355.