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Why I’m buying Transformers toys

I was so excited to pick up my first Transformers toy for Christmas.

I didn’t expect that I would find myself on the receiving end of a whole new collection of toys.

The first Transformers toys I got in the mail were the very first ones that I ever saw.

It was in the middle of January, 2006, and I was waiting in line to pick one up when I got a knock on my door.

I immediately jumped to my feet and ran up to the door to open it.

The first thing I saw was the amazing Transformers figure that I had never seen before.

It had a huge head and huge arms and legs, and there were three different versions of the Transformers: The Animated Series: The red version had Optimus Prime; the blue version had a smaller version of Optimus Prime, and the black version had an all-new Optimus Prime.

The black and red versions of The Animated Trilogy were sold separately, but you could buy both at once.

The Transformers were my favorite toys at the time.

I loved all the different Transformers series and the different ways they were depicted in the cartoon.

I had seen the cartoon, and it was a dream come true to be able to watch my favorite character, Optimus Prime get all kinds of awesome adventures.

But I never expected to have to buy a new set of Transformers toys from Hasbro, and this time, I didn, too.

I bought my first toy from Hasselback Toys, a company that specializes in Transformers toys.

I thought I would be buying something from the new toy line, and when I saw the red Optimus Prime toy, I knew that this was the one.

The red Optimus figure is a little smaller than the other toys that I got from Haschel.

I was hoping for a red Optimus Optimus Prime figure, but when I opened the box, I was greeted with a black and silver version.

The red Optimus toy is the same size as the black and white Optimus Prime figures.

The two versions of Transformers: Transformers: Red vs. Blue are roughly the same length and width.

The only difference is that the black Optimus Prime has the head of Optimus Optimus, while the red version has his legs and head.

I’ve been a huge fan of Hasselbacks Transformers line ever since the cartoon started.

I bought my second toy from the company on the same day that I purchased my first, so it was always nice to get a new toy from a company like Hasselbeck.

I purchased one of the red Transformers, and in the box I received two additional red Optimus figures.

The second Transformers figure was a little different from the red ones.

The figure had a little black and gray armor, and he had a large head that looked like Optimus Prime’s head.

I decided to give him a more metallic look, and his head came with a little silver “headlight.”

I had heard that HasselBeck toys had a special “fender” option, but I never knew that they actually had that option.

I just thought it looked cool.

When I opened my second box of toys, I immediately noticed that the red one had a lot more of the same bits that I was used to from the previous Transformers toys that were coming from Hassells.

The original red Optimus was not only taller, but also had the same head design.

I figured that the new red Optimus should be the same height, but it was hard to tell.

When I opened up the box to check out the new Optimus Prime model, I had to stop and wonder how the Hasselbelck toys could possibly come up with a new head design that was even slightly different than the one that was in my first Hasselburke toy.

It made me sad, but the Hassell toys were the only ones that had the option to change the head design of a toy from one toy to the next.

The new black and blue versions of Hasselloys toys had very different heads and arms and were just as tall.

The white version was also slightly taller, and had more arms and arms that were shorter than the black one.

I still didn’t like the way the Hassels toys looked.

The yellow and orange Optimus Prime was not as tall, and was just as thin as the red toy.

The brown Optimus Prime had more of a human-like face, and even had the hair that I grew up with in the toy.

When you look at the black toy, it has more of an earthy-like look, with more of that Earthy tone.

The pink version had the most metallic look that I’ve ever seen.

I could not even tell that this Hasselbecker toy was a new black Optimus, because there was a lot of metal on the back of the toy and on the sides of the figure.

The grey version had less metal on his head and arms, but more of his hair.

The green version had more metal on its body, and more of its hair.

I decided to wait until the red and black