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We completely understand parents concern when it comes to their children's safety. We give utmost care to your child's safety. We ensure that every product in our library is safe and fit for children Keeping that in mind, we have adopted rigorous safety standard at all levels to meet or exceed your expectations. Process of our toy selection and rejection is as follows.

Toy Selection Process

At ToyzLibray.com, we are committed to add only those brands in inventory that provides not only the learning & fun but also meets all safety standards internationally. That's why we trust only in on top quality branded toys. We consistently monitor their product and safety reviews and offer our members toys that will be the safest for their children. We try out every product in our library atleast once to check that they are sturdy before renting them out.

Toy Rejection Process

We also focus on the physical safety aspect of every product in the library. Toys with sharp edges or ones that make a loud or shrill noise are not included. We have intentionally avoided toys which promote violence or racial, ethnic, cultural or gender stereotypes. This check ensures that the toys do not pose any emotional or social risk.


We follow 2 steps hygiene process between each rental issue

1. Physical Inspection

We perform complete physical inspection of the toys after return from members to identify the level of sanitization required

2. Toy Cleaning and Sanitization

We use cleaning & disinfecting techniques as appropriate for a given product. We use hot water with natural disinfectant to clean and sanitize our toys and then blow dry them. We also request our members to clean soiled toys before returning them to us.